Suns team hits the ground running

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Jordan Kern

Fast and furious. Fans pay attention to the action on the court at the February, 15 game against Los Angeles Clippers.

Jordan Kern, staff writer

This year’s Phoenix Suns basketball team is off to its strongest start ever in franchise history. With a record as of February, 26 they have 49 wins and 11 losses, the team looks to bounce back from last year’s finals loss and accomplish their goal of taking it all.
The team didn’t get to where it is without a few key players. Superstar Devin Booker has been on fire this season. He’s averaging over 25 points per game, shooting 44.7% from the field and 36.9% from deep.
Another very important contributor to the team is the point god, Chris Paul. He is averaging only 15 points per game but is dishing an outstanding 10.7 assists per game this year, #1 in the league.
“I think the one with the most impact is probably Chris Paul because he is a leader and a mentor to the younger guys and has played a big role in their success,” said Christian Waters, a senior.
The rest of the starters and the bench still have a big factor in terms of the team’s success, such as lockdown defender Mikal Bridges, center Deandre Ayton, as well as Jae Crowder.
“I think the Suns are doing great this year-they’re playing great and the team has great chemistry on the court,” said Kristen Rotenberg, a teacher.
The Suns didn’t just magically become a star team this year. Their true success and chemistry started in 2020, in the “bubble”. The bubble occurred at the beginning of the covid pandemic. When the 2020 NBA season got canceled, they moved the rest of the season to a secluded area in Miami where players were tested daily, ate food separately, quarantined in their own rooms, and played their games.
When Suns head coach Monty Williams was hired, he built a close relationship with every player and really brought the team’s chemistry together. After going 8-0 in the bubble, beating teams way more skilled and talented, the team knew that they had something going for them.
“I think that it showed the world and the suns that we are a good team and that Monty Williams is actually bringing this team to a point where we aren’t just a team that’s not going to make the playoffs, we are a team that’s going to compete for a championship every single year,” said Dylan Lies, a senior.
With the success the Suns have been having throughout this season, they look to continue their hot streak throughout the playoffs and have high hopes for the championship this year.