Kostorous to play for Kent State


Courtesy of Katerina Kostorous

making a play. Senior Katarina Kostorous chases after the ball at a home game. Kostorous began playing soccer when she was four years old.

Jordan Kern, staff writer

The CS Press staff writer Jordan Kern interviewed soccer player Kat Kostourus about her successful season and plans to play soccer at Kent State.

CSP Why soccer?
KK I started playing when I was around four years old and I just stuck with it because I really liked it. I always found it fun playing with the same teammates.
CSP What is your ultimate goal?
KK I’m not sure what I’m going do after college, but I think I may play professionally for a few years. I’m definitely going to be sticking to the fashion designer, which is my main goal.
CSP Tell us about the scholarship you received at Kent State University?
KK I got both academic and athletic scholarships so together it helps pay, but I got the full academic scholarship which helped a lot.
CSP What’s your biggest achievement in soccer?
KK Probably committing to Kent State because it was my number one choice for a school and was a huge deal that they even offered me a spot on the team.
CSP What would you tell upcoming girl soccer players that want to pursue soccer in the future?
KK There’s definitely going be a lot of hard times where you might question if you want to keep playing or why you should keep playing, and if you see if it’s really something that you want to do. It’s a huge commitment, but it’s also really rewarding and fun.
CSP Any advice for your younger self?
KK Definitely that, no matter how much you think the skills in the technical side of sports matter, the most important thing is mental game no matter what so no matter how prepared you think you might be for a game if you’re not mentally prepared it won’t matter.