Wrestle Mania


Wrestling Ruckus. Wrestler Branden Herzog Practices for upcoming meets with his teammate.

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor

The school’s wrestling team has begun the 2021-2022 wrestling season.
“This is a tough sport, there are a ton of life lessons that come from wrestling,” said Cesar Rojas, wrestling coach.
Wrestling is a physical contact sport where team members practice and have competitions based on their weight category.
The team is led by coach Cesar Rojas who has been coaching for ten years, and spent the last three years at Cactus Shadows. His previous experience in the sport includes wrestling at Mesquite High School and collegiately at Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa.
“It’s always awesome seeing alumni come back and helping the younger athletes,” said Rojas.
Wrestling season occurs between November 1st through February 19th. Between both varsity and junior varsity, there are a total 20 members.
“I love seeing a wrestler achieving their goals,” said Rojas.
To determine who gets into each weight class, the team wrestles against each other for their spot. The loser goes to junior varsity, while the winner goes to varsity.
“Practices are seven days a week and usually run about two and a half hours,” said Brandon Herzog, a varsity wrestler.
A practice meet consists of a warm up to get started, and sometimes a fun game such as dodgeball. The team also does drills and a live wrestle to help prepare for a competition.
“Live wrestling means going 100%, like you’re competing against another school,” said Rojas.
Last year, the team finished top 15 in Arizona, with this year’s returning competitors being seniors Brayden Hasher and Brandon Herzog. Competitions occur weekly, being one on one, or tournaments.
To prepare for a competition, the team does some conditioning and light drills. It is determined who wrestled who by weight class. Someone will wrestle someone who is in their same weight range.
“Before a competition I make sure I’m on weight and we practice any moves that we want to use in a match,” said Tyler Scott, a varsity wrestler.
The wrestling team continues to work hard and improve for this year’s season.

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