The rise of Gaga ball

Old game spreads like wildfire

Johnathan Geare, creeker editor

Playground sports have long been known for keeping kids occupied both in and outside of gym class, and since the 1970s, one game has been on the rise.
Gaga ball consists of eight to twelve players battling it out in a small octagonal court, known as a “pit”. The players, known as “gaga ballers”, knock and roll a ball, usually a dodgeball or a smaller foam ball, to hit the legs of any and all opponents. If a player is hit, they hop out of the pit, with the last gaga baller standing taking the win.
“Back in the day, I would definitely consider myself an active gaga baller,” said Xander Simmons, sophomore and former gaga baller.
The game itself is largely only popular at children’s camps and elementary schools, making it increasingly inaccessible as gaga ballers age. Gaga ball’s proprietary equipment and competition with other more popular sports means it is often not considered for physical education budgets.“Not enough schools have gaga ball pits, [however] I think if there was one at our school it would go a long way,” said Simmons.
Gaga ball is known for high action intense rounds. While gaga ball is a descendant of the more popular game dodgeball, gaga ball diverts in how it fits more players in a smaller play area. To gaga ballers, this can prove to be challenging, yet rewarding. “I was at church camp, and a whole bunch of girls were like, ‘Hey! Let’s play gaga ball,’ and I kicked all of their ***ses,” said sophomore Kaleb Jack.