Students can join sports teams at Valley of the Sun YMCA

Opportunities expand for student athletes with the addition of YMCA sports teams

Paul Wernes, travel editor

The Valley of the Sun YMCA has several sports to choose from for adults. Basketball, volleyball, and racquetball are a few that we offer and recreational groups are always forming.
YMCA sports is the perfect opportunity for adults to be active and social in a fun, supportive environment. It’s a great way to reconnect with your favorite sport, to improve your skills, and to challenge and test your limits whether on the court or playing field. For many participants, these activities provide the foundation for an active lifestyle and rewarding relationships, while serving to energize and restore our sense of well-being.
Mason Benvenuto- “I have been having a great time because I am able to spend time with my friends. I like that there are many teams from school because it allows us to hang out with people we normally wouldn’t hang out with,” said Mason Benventuo, a YMCA basketball player.
Friend groups throughout Cactus Shadows are joining the YMCA basketball league in order to compete against each other while staying in shape. There are four teams that are participating in the 2022 season.
“I like that everyone at school plays because it makes it a competition. We can beef with each other which makes it very fun to be a part of,” said Tate Andrus, a YMCA basketball player.
The youth league takes place during the Fall, Winter, and Spring months. The season kicks off in October and takes place for up to 8 weeks . The top 6 teams of each division make the playoffs.
“I am having a great time coaching my team because they make it fun for me. As long as we work hard, we will have fun during practices which is why we are so good,” said Royce Edwards, a YMCA basketball coach.
The YMCA basketball league brings the community together. The YMCA has brought together many communities through sports and exercise.