Powder puff is back

Jordan Kern, staff writer

This year’s powder puff game took place February third with the proceeds of the game benefitting Stand up for cancer. Stand Up to Cancer is a charitable program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation which aims to raise significant funds for translational cancer research. Powder Puff conducts a flag football game where the girls play and the boys cheerleader and coach.
The CSPRESS asked members of the powder puff team who they believe will win between the Freshmans vs Sophomores and Juniors vs. Seniors as well as their score predictions.
“I got sophomores winning and seniors winning. The sophomores are going to win 7-0 and the seniors winning 14-0,” said Wyatt Courtney, a senior.
“Between the sophomores and freshmen, I think the freshmen are going to take that dub and the seniors are going to win. They are just complete alphas,” said Mason Benvenuto, a senior.
“I feel like the sophomores will win because there aren’t as many freshmen playing and will be too scared to actually participate. The seniors will definitely win. For the freshmen and sophomore, I say 21-14 sophomores and the seniors winning 28-14,” said Kelsey Morris, a senior.