LAX for life

Lacrosse adds more practices.

Jordan Kern, staff writer

This year’s lacrosse team is just getting started. After a solid season last year by both teams, they look to improve and obviously winning state. With the season starting on January 17th, both teams have a long way to go and need to work hard to make this a successful year.
For those unfamiliar with the sport of lacrosse, it originated in Mesoamerica during the 17th century. It was started by the Native Americans and was originally known as stickball. As the game evolved, it became increasingly popular and is now a common sport played between boys and girls around the world.
Last season, practices were held twice a week. This season, players are required to show up to the teams four practices a week plus the game on the weekend. Although the schedule has not been fully released, most games will be played either on Fridays or Saturdays.
Some students have a job and may not be able to make every practice, but some are having to quit their jobs to focus on lacrosse. Due to the fact that coaches are really making this season strict and important, some players who may not be able to quit their job have to practice at home when they find time too.
“I’ll play Wall-a-Ball with a tennis ball to practice at home with,” said Wyatt Courtney, a senior.
The ultimate goal for both teams is to win the state championship. There is nothing else the players compete for besides the main pot of gold.
“My goal this season is to win most of my draws and of course win state,” said Payton Sterba, a senior.