Behind the scenes: wrestlers focus on weight struggles

Livia Lowe, science editor

Wrestling is a close contact sport that requires strength, endurance and the ability to quickly prepare for meets. In wrestling, weight is crucial as it determines what weight class you are competing in. For many, the act of cutting weight once, though tough, is not harmful. But for others, needing to constantly cut weight, or gain weight, to compete in their weight class can become harmful.
According to, A study on male high school students found that a greater percentage of behaviors consistent with bulimia were found among male wrestlers.
In order to cut weight it is recommended to lose the weight over time but many wait until the last minute to start cutting. Over exercising while wearing heavy layers, taking practically boiling baths, and fasting days before are common practices.
Sports that focus on weight and weight training have higher levels of players affected by eating disorders than any other sport and 33% of male athletes in these kinds of sports suffer from an eating disorder according to the website
It is hard to find a solution to this problem as eating disorders are more mental than anything. The concept of weight classes in wrestling will most likely never go away, but finding healthier ways to lose weight before a meet is the best option.