Freshman aspire to maintain winning streak

Will Donegan, staff writer

The freshman football team kicked the 2021 season off with a 7-32 loss to Horizon High School.
“I think that people have to want to get better this year. It’s our first year in high school and we need to try harder and push each other harder in order to win more games,” said Ryan Nease, a freshman.
After the loss, the team won 35-0 to McClintock, and 23-20 to Betty Fairfax. They then lost 31-36 to Coconino, reestablishing a winning streak in their next three games against Campo Verde, Barry Goldwater, and Sunnyslope. With five wins and two losses, the team is undefeated at home.
With 45 players on the roster this season, one of the team’s main goals is to work on leadership. They believe that, with better leadership, everyone will be able to improve their skills.
“There need to be guys on the team in the leadership role. We need people to stand up and be able to speak for the team. I feel like we don’t have that right now and if we did I think that we could be more successful,” said Jonah Acapella, a freshman.
Being a part of a sports team is a commitment that requires adjustment for the athletes. Entering high school already involves increased academic work, especially with higher-level honors, AP, and IB courses, with sports adding to busy schedules.
“I have noticed a big difference from pee-wee to high school football: There are way more practices and we sometimes even have to practice on Saturdays; the team is way bigger than pee-wee as well,” said Marcus Schwartz, a freshman.
With a few games remaining in the 2021 season, the team hopes to improve every day and win the rest of their games.