ESports club goes for the gold (coins)

Philip Tate, editor-in-chief

The school’s ESports club competes as a team against other highschools in Arizona on Playvs. in League of Legends and Rocket League.
“We have two teams that compete in online games in League of Legends and Rocket League. These teams compete against other high schools in Arizona on a platform known as Playvs. The Arizona Interscholastic Association, AIA, which oversees high school athletics in Arizona, does the same for ESporst,” said Johnathan Naylor, the ESports club administrator.
The club uses monitors with gaming cards in them to help with the game performance.
Some members bring in their own keyboard and mouse to help with the quality of their game, but the members can also use the school’s keyboard and mouse in the classroom.
“I bring my own gaming laptop and mouse. The comfort of playing with the familiar mouse as well as how well the design fits my hand all helps me make more precise dodges while I play.
The left and right mouse buttons on my mouse are snappier which adds to the comfort and precision,” said Daniel Nobrega, a member of the ESports club. Playvs. has programs for high school, college and for youth. The high school program operates state leagues in partnership with 23 state and province associations. They offer seven games for high schools to compete in. The club’s opponents are found through the Playvs. website.
“From what I understand Playvs. organizes which teams play against each other at the start of each season and then every match is scheduled for Tuesday by default. So on Tuesday the whole team goes to Naylor’s classroom and opens Playvs. on their computer. There we can see what team we are competing against for that day. Then around 4:00 Playvs. updates and gives a code that we then copy into the League of Legends client and get in a lobby with our opposing team,” said Ian Walford, the ESports club president.
The ESports clubs matches are on Tuesdays for League of Legends and Thursday for Rocket League. Rocket League competes in trios and League of Legends competes in teams of five. The club meets twice a week at lunch and the specific days are shared on the announcements every week. The games and meets are in room 316.