Palma jumps for victories

Max Hancock, opinion editor

In her first year as captain of the varsity volleyball team, Gianna Palma has made waves as a multi talented student athlete and improv team member.
“I was made a captain of the team because I think I have a good mental aspect around the game and I try to keep the energy up for the rest of the team,” said Palma.
Gianna is not only a captain on the varsity volleyball team, but also a valued member of the Jokers improv team on campus. Being associated with both groups, Palma’s excellence in both athletic and academic fields is showcased.
“I’ve known Gianna for two or three years, not super long, but she’s always willing to make sacrifices for the team and really good at keeping our spirits up,” said Rachel Eastburn, a teammate of the volleyball team.
Cactus Shadows is scheduled to play 23 games this year against various other high schools, where they will hopefully have a similar successful winning record to last year. In an interview with Palma, she talked about how she had recently quit softball around 5 years ago and how an empty space had been left in her life. Always being interested in volleyball because of its fast paced and team orientated nature, she joined a team at the YMCA.
As time passed and Palma’s skills on the court grew, she eventually joined the Cactus Shadows volleyball team, playing as a freshman and sophomore on the JV team. However, it was not until this year when Palma found herself on varsity and a captain.
“To become captain, it isn’t really about how good you are, it’s about your mental aspect of the game and how you can bring the team together,” said Palma.
Palma plans on making a name for herself on both the stage and the court this year. However, with so much on her plate, she says it can be hard to balance the two. The improv team practices twice a week before and after school where they have recurring shows on Fridays.
Similarly, the volleyball team practices Monday through Friday for two hours with games occurring periodically.
“Between the two, It’s really hard. There’s practice for one while another is going on, sometimes I have to miss one or the other. For the most part I’ve found a good balance,” said Palma.
Balancing school, volleyball, improv, and home life while being talented at them all is not for the weary.