Olympics postponed due to Coronavirus

The Summer 2020 Olympics have been postponed for the first time in history this year, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The games which were previously supposed to be starting on July 24, 2020 will now start a year later on July 23, 2021 and last until August 8, 2021. Originally being held in Tokyo, the postponed 2020 games will still be held in Tokyo at the same venue, simply a year later. The Tokyo games have posted some FAQs on their website and addressed some concerns of those people who have bought tickets saying, “tickets that are already purchased will be valid for a new date” and “tickets will be refunded if you will not be able to visit the venue on a new date.” This is reassuring news for those who looked forward to the games and have bought the expensive tickets. Many athletes that were meant to participate have reacted by saying things such as, “today the most important thing is everyone’s health” and that they are “lucky” to have another full year to train.
“I feel irritated as someone who likes to watch them, but also for the athletes who have to keep in good condition for another whole year,”said Peyton Hunt.
She also said that she finds it “necessary to postpone the games due to the virus and the concerns for everyone’s health, but the whole situation is still disheartening.”
According to ESPN, “Never before had the Olympic Games been postponed or canceled for something other than war, but rarely has the world come to a grinding halt the way it has over the novel coronavirus.” Although many people are disappointed about the postponement, it is in the best interest of “the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community.”