MLB Considering Moving Entire League to Arizona

The MLB might be considering letting their regular season be played in Arizona due to the Coronavirus. They would be playing on Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks or at 10 other spring training facilities with no fans in attendance. All 30 of the teams would be in Arizona for their 2020 season, reports say.
The games would all be televised and shown worldwide and put on radio just not going to be seen in real life. This plan is not definite but many say that it could be a great idea so these athletes can go back to playing baseball. The main reason Arizona would be the best option is because Coronavirus is supposed to not survive in the heat and in May it is extremely hot in Arizona. Even if this were to happen there would be very strict rules for the players and they would be in definite need to stay in isolation. According to ESPN, “sources said the league and union are motivated to make the plan work because they realize the alternative might be worse for both sides: no baseball at all in 2020.”
Arizona is the valley of the sun, so out of every place it would probably be the safest for these players.
“I feel like it’s a good decision for the MLB to be played in Arizona because they can play the sport they love as safe as possible and they can help support and provide for their families,” said Jimmy Williams, a varsity baseball player.
Baseball players would be devastated if they could not play the sport that they enjoy doing and it would definitely be missed.
“I think if corona cases keep rising it will screw this whole plan up again but if they start to slow down this will be a great idea.” said Williams.
It may not be worth it for athletes to risk their lives just to play the sport they enjoy. Overall, Arizona would be the place to be if it was decided to have an actual baseball season for 2020 if it would be safe enough to do.