Seniors opt to miss their last season

Colin, Mesenbrink

Over the years, students in high school sports have been known to quit playing their sport before senior year, leaving others wondering why students stop playing before such a crucial and memorable senior season.

“I think students quit their sport because they realize that they are not going to play in college and they are not willing to dedicate extra time to their sport while they could be working and making money instead,” said Gaetano Gianni, health/physical education teacher and baseball coach.

Students have reported that there are various reasons why they have quit their sport before senior year. Some might say that the love for the game is just not there anymore, while others have deeper reasons that prevent them from playing. One of the most common reasons is that they would rather have a job, helping them save money for after high school. Although students miss playing high school sports, some have decided that making money and having jobs are more important, once they reach a certain point in high school.

“I miss the game experiences, but I do not regret not playing because sometimes you just have to make that cash,” said Noah Bahoura, a junior.

Other reasons students quit sports in high school include the stress that comes with a busy schedule. Many students understand that school is a priority, while also wanting to compete at the highest level in their sport. In some sports, students must practice every day and attend many meetings or events that come with the sport. This can lead to a lot of stress while trying to manage their time between schoolwork and practice, making students lose the passion for the game.

“I quit my sport because it just was not as enjoyable as when I first started. It took a lot of my time and effort. We were practicing 15 hours a week with competitions every saturday. It was a really big commitment that I was not in to anymore. We would have morning and afternoon practices throughout the whole week. It would be stressful to have a day like that and also have homework and a job on top of it,” said Lola Draper, a former member of cheer.

For whatever the reason is, the trend of students quitting high school sports before senior year has increased recently.