Hockey seniors reflect on final season

Raven Ramirez, travel editor

The 2019-2020 hockey season has begun and it is the seniors last year of the sport they have been playing since they were young.

Lars Shumitz is a senior this year and it is his final year playing his high school sport, hockey.  He got into this sport because of his dad, who played a lot growing up, and so Shumitz naturally got into it.

This team is close, like family and they are all really good friends, so they mess around with each other and bond together. Every now and then the team likes to hang out with each other or they sometimes do team bonding things, like rock climbing or go carts.

“The whole team has a lot more talent this year and we are capitalizing on it for sure,” said Shumitz.

Hockey is not an AIA sanctioned sport. An AIA sanctioned sport is one that the school promotes. This means that this sport does not go through the school at all, including funding, physicals, etc. This school hockey team is run outside of the school, so it is considered a club sport.

“If this was an AIA sport, then they would have you know the grade checks, the same payments, all of that, “said Tandehl Collentine, Athletic Director.

Another senior, Ethan Hinnant, has been playing hockey for about six years now. He got into this sport, thanks to his older brother and he has been playing ever since. Hinnant’s favorite thing about the sport is scoring goals to help his team out during the game. He has not just played hockey his whole life, he has played every sport throughout his life, but hockey was the sport he stuck to for six whole years.

“I chose hockey because it is fast paced and there is a lot of hitting involved,” said Hinnant.

Their next game is November 17th against Flagstaff.