New football league folds after one season

Grant Richardson, staff writer

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is a football league founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian. It was created to give people who couldn not play in the NFL to show their skills in this league.

Recently the league was suspended by Tom Dundon. Dundon who is the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL, invested $250 million into the league. Days before it was suspended he said that there needed to be cooperation from the NFL Players Association so that the AAF could be a developmental league for the NFL. The AAF is not trying to compete with the NFL.

Players and coaches were surprised of the quick decision Dundon made to suspend it. He claimed that the suspension was due to the low television  ratings even though they have declined since the opening week. Acorrding to the media, Ebersol and Polian have been in a disagreement with Dundon about his decision with the league.

“I was not surprised at all that it was suspended, I think when the NFL ends people are ready to watch a different sport within a couple months  instead of continuing watching football,” said Tandehl Collentine, the athletic director.

Many of the players careers will come to an end if the league ends permanently. If they can not make it onto an NFL roster they will have to return to a regular lifestyle. There has already been 45 players that have joined a NFL team. There is no guarantee that they will make the final roster of 53 people because there are 90 people that teams start out with.

“I think there are some players that have a good chance to make it to the NFL one day,” said Matt Coggins, a freshman football player.

There are two players that are suing the league, claiming that they were misled and defrauded. At the start of the year playerssigned contracts for three years and $250,000. Since the league ended eight weeks into the season they are not getting the money they were promised.

“I would probably be mad too if I was promised that much money and wouldn’t  get it because of someone suspending the league,” said Michael Macdonald, a football player.

Everybody connected with the league is trying to save it from folding. . The players will try to find a successful way to live if the league does not come back together or they do not make it to the NFL.