Tenured coach enjoys success

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Tenured coach enjoys success

Grant Richardson, staff writer

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Gaetano Gianni is the head Varsity Baseball coach. He has been involved with baseball ever since he was a little kid. Gianni is entering his 22nd year of coaching baseball.

His whole life he played baseball, and then went on to be a coach. He played professionally in the minors for the Cincinatti Reds organization. After playing for a long time, he decided to stay involved in the sport and started coaching at Martin Junior College in Chicago.

Gianni enjoys his time managing the program and trying to get it the best he can.

“Now that I have been doing it for so many years, it is a lot of fun. I love spending time and working with the kids,” said Gianni.

The players love that Gianni is always there for them.

“I like that he is always there for his players even when we are not on the baseball field,” said Dylan Skov, a senior on the baseball team.

He wants them to not only do good on the baseball field but also in the classroom.

“He really cares about all of the players and their improvement. He not only cares about us as baseball players but as students and young men as well,” said Jack Bishop, a senior on the baseball team.

There are experienced coaches along side with him throughout the program. The varsity pitching coach is Doug Ketchen. The JV coach is Steve Scarpulla and the freshman coach is David Fladhammer.

The first game of the season is Wednesday, Febuary 20th against Saguaro. The team plays throughout the year, not only in spring. If the players are not playing for a club team, the high school has summer, fall, and winter ball that they can play in.

There are a couple players on the team that are going to play baseball in college. One of them is senior Peyton McGregor, who is commited to the University of San Francisco. Tyler Mead, also a senior,  is commmited to Utah Valley University. The last one is Matthew Bohnert, who is going to South Mountain Community College and is also a senior.

Gianni emphasizes being in the best shape that a player can be. He always is suggesting to the players to get in the gym and do something productive. While teaching the health class, he gets a lot of information about health and what is best for people.

The seniors want to end off their high school career with a successful season.

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