Kylee Loewe wins golfer of the year award

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Kylee Loewe wins golfer of the year award

Hope Black, staff writer

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The Girls Golf team has won their third state title in a row, ending 2018 as State Champions. One of the golfers, Kylee Loewe, is nominated for the girls Golfer of the Year award.

The Golfer of the Year award is presented by AZCentral. Eight golfers from around the state are chosen by the azcentral high school sports reporters by using interviews and personal observations, as well as statistics and ratings.

The eight girls who are nominated will be invited to the azcentral sports awards held on June 9th at the fourth annual event at ASU Gammage. The event will have various awards, contests, and a special appearance from a celebrity guest.

Loewe has been playing golf for eight years. She realized golf was serious for her when she started competing at age 12. Loewe was the lowest scoring golfer on the team at the Division II tournament, and came in 3rd at the Roar Classic. She also finished in the top 10 at the Nightwalk Invitational.

“My family and I have a place in Flagstaff that’s like a golf community. My dad had me do the junior clinics so that I could play with him, and it kind of just built from there,” said Loewe, a sophomore.

Her biggest inspiration when it comes to golf is her dad. Loewe and her dad golf together as much as they can.

“My dad is realy big into golf, and so him and I have always played together. He’s kind of like, always been there,” said Loewe.

Loewe has also won about five titles. The best feeling on the green according to Loewe is when she finishes out the last put. Finishing the last put means that the game has ended.

“My job is to make sure my girls get better and develop and Kylee is definitely doing that,” said Mark O’Bryan, Geometry teacher and Girls Golf coach.

The worst feeling while out on the green for Loewe is the feeling when the ball goes out of bounds or hits the water. The consequences of hitting a ball out of bounds is a stroke-and-distance penalty. That means adding a penalty stroke to the score and putting another ball from the same location of your previous stroke.

“At State, on two different holes, I went in the water back to back, yeah that was bad,” said Izzy Cantwell, a senior member of the golf team.

“It is really stressful because the game flunctuates day by day so it kind of depends on your swing every day so it kind of just depends on your swing every day. If there is one tiny thing, your whole game could be completely thrown away,” said Loewe.

Her favorite part is getting to play with the same people in the tournaments.

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