Kicking the competition

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Kicking the competition

Frida Alvarado, staff writer

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The girls soccer team at is ranked 10 in their division and are going for a win at regionals.

“How soccer works is that there are regional and division, so we’re in division two and then we have a certain region that we are in,” said Tandehl Collentine, the athletic director.

To get the girls going, sometimes they will have a team meal before a game and do warm ups. The two coaches that help coach the girls are spoken highly of and really help the girls get motivated and do their best.

“My coach really inspires me, because he is always full of energy is always know how to say the right thing to keep us motivated,” says Kristin Jacobsen, a sophomore.

Jacobsen, a player for the schools varsity team, has been playing soccer since she was ten years old. She enjoys playing for the team and also likes the perks of playing which is it helps her keep in shape. To prepare for each game, she always drinks a lot of water and does a lot of warm ups.

”We do a lot of conditioning so drinking a lot of water helps with that,” said Jacobsen.

Before a game, her and her team change in the locker room together while playing music, get a team talk by their captains, and then their coach gives them a game plane. When coming out of the locker room, the girls slap the Cactus Shadows sign and balloons. Usually before each game they get 45 minutes to warm up where they do shooting and passses sequences. Jacobsen is a very competitive person and says she enjoys soccer a lot due to all the competitiveness there is in playing and all the friends she made.

“The best part of it all is the team bonding and the memories you make with the team,” said Jacobsen.

Riley Glasco, another varsity player,  has been playing for 11 years. She started playing soccer when she lived overseas as a little girl. Even though she has gotten multiple emails to go to ID camps and has gone to a few, she still does not know whether or not she will be going for a scholarship in college but still wants to keep playing.

She commented on her team and how she feels so far on playing, saying she feels like her team has been playing really well so far. They have a big game coming up soon and if they win they will become region champs.

“I feel like we’ll have a really good chance at winning state, We’re a really good team this year. I feel like it’ll end well for us,” said Glasco.

During one of her tournaments she got headbutted in the face and had a black eye and goose egg on her face.

According to Glasco, one of the hardest parts is having a good mindset and not being to hard on yourself.

“Not being to self critical is pretty hard because you are on a team and you need to trust all you team mates that they can do their job too, and sometimes when you mess up or they ess u, you feel like you are letting people down.  It one of the hardest parts but they best parts because you have people to rely on,” says Glasco.

The girls ended their season on February 5.

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