Hockey scores their way to the playoffs

Raven Ramirez, staff writer

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The school’s hockey team consists of many players who have played their hardest this season. The team consists of players, such as Evan Wilson, Ethan Hinnant, Mason Bondurant, Joe Storms, Tai Jones, Michael Burke, Lars Schumitz.

The falcons went nine and nine this season. The team just played their first game in the playoffs on Sunday, the twenty seventh. They lost against Pinnacle, two to four.

“I started to play a little bit, but I never played competitively, I would just go to the rink and shoot the puck around with my brother,” said Jacob Bombaci, an AP World and Seminar teacher and hockey fan.

Wilson, a senior, has been playing hockey ever since he could walk. He has played hockey for Cactus Shadows all four years of his high school career. When he used to live in Canada, he would play hockey there as well.

“Some advice I would give myself for next season, is to work harder, practice more, play more aggressively, and practice on my shot so I can hit the net more,” said Wilson.

He wants to continue playing hockey after high school, but he does not want to play for money. Wilson was nominated to be on the all-star hockey team this season and he also scored four goals in their last regular season game.

This hockey team has to work together in order to be a great team, but most to all teams have their ups and downs.

“Certain players work differently with different players on the team,” said Wilson.

The team also socializes outside of playing hockey, at the Anthem roller rink, so that way they can become closer off of the ice.

Tai Jones, a sophomore is currently on varsity hockey. Jones has been playing hockey ever since he was four years old.

“Probably one of the team’s achievements is, we have gotten better this season,” said Jones.

This hockey team consists of all four of the classes at Cactus shadows, freshman and up and overall, the falcons made it through another season of playing their sport, hockey.   

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