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New coaching leads to a winning season for boys

Grant Richardson, staff writer

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The boys basketball team has had a winning start to their season, going 11-1 so far.  Last year they made it to the elite eight of the AIA state tournament where they lost to Moon Valley by two points. This year, they are looking to win a state championship.

“Our goal is to win the state championship” said Sam Goulet, a senior basketball player.

The program has never won a state championship.

The team has made several coaching changes over the last couple of years. At the varsity level, they brought in Zach Washut as the head coach, Mark MacGowan as an assistant coach, and Jeff Horst also as an assistant coach. For JV, they brought in Donnie Daggett and for the freshman, Tyler Crist.

“My assistant and lower level coaches are awesome, I brought one over from where I was coaching before and we just hired three more coaches and this is the best coaching staff I ever had,” said Washut.

With ten seniors on the team this year, there is going to be a lot of leadership throughout the season. The three captains of the team are Sam Goulet, Jake Benci, and Cj Nnorom. They are going to have to keep the team focused and concentrated so they can reach their goal of winning state.

The team has chemistry with each other, since most of the team has been playing together since elementary school. With that much time playing with each other, players know everybody’s strengths and weaknesses.

To get to their goal of winning a state championship they have to really want it and work hard. Practicing only at the team practices is not what it is going to take for them to get where they want to be. Most of the players are always working on ways to get better outside of practice.

The team practices five to six times a week when they don’t have a game. Washut pushes the team hard every practice so they can be at their best. The team has made a lot of progress since the first practice until now. The players want each other to succeed, so they are always going hard against each other during anything they are competing against.

“We have to work hard every practice so we can succeed this season,” said Peyton Richardson, a junior basketball player.

The success of the varsity team has spread through the program with the JV and Freshman teams. Both teams have been playing better basketball up to this part of the season. They have faced challenges where they have to comeback strong and that is what the program wants.

Since it is the seniors last year here and in high school, they want to make a name for themselves and this program. If they can finish off their high school careers by winning a state championship, our school would be known as the state champions.

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New coaching leads to a winning season for boys