Athletes must raise money to pay for sport expenses

Miah Thirion, video editor

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Many athletes know the struggle of working hard to raise money for their athletic expenses. This year, basketball and football teams raised money by selling various goods to family and friends.

“For fundraising this year the football team sold gold cards. The basketball team had a big tournament during winter break. They also have some smaller fundraisers like cookie dough,” said Tandel Collentine, the athletic director.

Most athletes at Cactus Shadows have to play a $300 fee for a sport, but this does not even start to cover the actual cost of playing.

“For football, there are so many things that are needed to be able to play. We need equipment, money for away games, practice clothes, and uniforms,” said Tanner Dimond, sophomore football player.

Fundraising helps athletes raise money so not as much of the money needed will come out of the athletes’ pockets.

“I think it’s helpful that we have a fundraiser every year, it helps because then parents don’t have to pay as much money for the things that are needed for football,” said Dimond.

But, with competing teams needing money for team expenses, it becomes a struggle for athletes to find people who will buy their goods. This year, both the football players and basketball players sold cookie dough to family and friends.

“It was super hard to sell cookie dough, because multiple other sports were also selling the same thing. So many people did not want to buy the exact same thing twice,” said Ashley Watkins, sophomore basketball player.

Each athlete is given a certain amount they must sell. It can be very difficult to reach these goals, so often coaches provide different motivations.

“If we did not sell a certain amount of gold cards, we had to run at practice. I think it was good that they made us do that because it kept us motivated,” said Dimond.

Overall, fundraising helps athletes to easily raise money for the sport they are playing.

“The fundraising helped us to raise the money we needed to play basketball, so I think it was a good thing that we did it,” said Watkins.

Until there is more funds from the school, it looks like athletes will have to continue fundraising money to pay for the sports they want to play.

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