Five new sports added to the 2020 Olympic Games

Miah Thirion, video editor

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The International Olympic Committee will add five new sports to the 2020 games, including rock climbing, softball, and baseball. For many years, the competitions at the Olympics have stayed the same. However, with society’s interests changing, and the 2020 Japan Olympics upcoming, the International Olympic Committee made some changes.

“I think it is good that new sports are being added to the Olympics. It adds more variety, and it makes the games way more exciting,” said Jojo Bedrava, rock climber.

With society’s constant change of interest, softball and baseball have grown majorly in the number of people participating. For two games, softball and baseball were eliminated from the Olympics but will be making a come back in the upcoming games. For the return of these sports, the players will play in front of audiences of millions of people. There will be multiple tournaments of six teams after an international qualifying process. The US was the first team to qualify for playing softball.

“I am super excited to see Softball played because it is my sport. I think it’s going to be a great addition to the Olympics and I think a lot of people will watch it,” said Kiana Henderson, softball player.

Another sport that is being added is rock climbing. With Rock Climbing increasing popularity over the past years, it is being added to the upcoming Olympics. The game that is quickly growing in popularity has many aspects. The climbing will involve three versions of the sport: sport climbing, speed climbing, and bouldering.  40 climbers will compete over the span of four days, and the winners will be determined by the combined results of all three versions.

“I am most excited to see what athletes will be competing in climbing. There are so many strong athletes in this sport, and I’m excited to see what athletes will actually be climbing,” said Bedrava.

There are also three other new sports being added that include Karate, Skateboarding, and Surfing. With less popular sports being added, the question of what qualifies something to be an Olympic sport comes up. There are many aspects of sports, but what ultimately allows it to be in the Olympics is the popularity, how the sport is doing financially, and if the sport represents the values of the Olympics.

“To be a sport it has to have skill, and it has to have a part in the sport that has endurance. So it has to be ongoing and test how long the players can continue to do what they are doing. It needs a competitive nature, and it has to be able to be seen on a big stage,” said Tandehl Collentine, the athletic director.

Collentine, on one hand believes that what qualifies a sport to be in the Olympics is the competitiveness and structure of it.

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