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Mixing it Up

Students diversify their athletics into mixed martial arts.

Zachary Shearer, staff writer

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Throughout history, Mixed Martial Arts has remained highly popular in America, Brazil, and Europe for its fighting diversity and brutality.This enjoyment is not regulated to just professional, but also  by amateurs looking for a little bit of excitement.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact sport. The fighters strike and grapple each other, both standing and on the ground. It uses techniques from a variety of combat sports and martial arts.

Ally Frisch, a senior practicing mixed martial arts, came to practicing mostly boxing, grappling, and kickboxing by being in defense classes. Frish uses it as a way to vent stress and anxiety and build confidence.

Conditioning for MMA involves constantly strengthening the muscles in the body and learning how to anticipate an opponent’s moves. Fighters learn to predict when an attack is coming and whether to block or dodge the assault. At the same time, It is also used to make it more difficult for the opponent to anticipate an attack.

“MMA is physical chess, strategize what to try against an opponent and learn how they fight,” said Frisch.

Strategizing sets apart somebody who fights horribly to one that is hard to beat. Like other sports, people can have more natural skill than others.

Haden Auguste, a sophomore, has been fighting for fun and standing up for himself outside of school for years. What he lacks in combat classes practice and 20/20 vision, he gains in painful experience, endurance, and body strength.

Auguste is highly skilled in softballing his opponents who have a hard time hitting him back because of his speed and range. He enjoys MMA for the regulations, and as one of the best occupations for the academically challenged.

“One of the best occupations a school dropout could have if they are good at it,” said Auguste.

Football coach and gym teacher Mike Hudnutt prefers boxing, another MMA sport. “I grew up with boxing, so I am most comfortable with boxing.”

Hudnutt learned about boxing when he was young and continues to offer advice to interested students on the basics of boxing.


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