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Fresh faces bring new game

Annie Sogaard, staff writer

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Within each new class of freshmen at Cactus Shadows lie many potential star athletes, placing on varsity sports teams in just their first year. Reword, the lead is confusing

One of these students is Grace Tipton, freshman, who is on the varsity cross country team.

“Grace is insane. “She’s our front runner and she broke the course as a freshman.”,” said Ashley Shirley, a teammate.

However, Tipton credits her skill to diligence with practice.

“In eighth grade, I was never the number one runner. I was always the second or third best girl on the team. The amount of training I did over the summer really helped with my races,” said Tipton.

“I haven’t missed one practice during this season,” said Tipton, “I always try to run on the days we don’t have practice.”

Varsity team players of all grade levels have found their own way to manage frequent practices with their schoolwork, while remaining motivated to push themselves.

“Volleyball came naturally to me, but once I started getting pretty good, I took private lessons and did strength and conditioning to work on my vertical,” said Kierslynn Wright, a freshman who made the varsity girls volleyball team this year. “And whenever I’m off and not playing, I do my schoolwork.” she continues.

Wright names her older sister as one of her inspirations.

“My sister Kennedy inspires me a lot because she’s been playing for so long. She never gives up on the sport and is a true player,” said Wright. “My team motivates me- for example, if I get a kill they all scream. The audience gets me going too.”   

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Fresh faces bring new game