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Wet n’ Wild

Zoie Lambesis, Staff Writer

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As the weather heats up and the water gets warmer, people are making their way to the lake to take on water sports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing.

“Main reason people do water sports is because it is hot here in Arizona, and who wants to go hiking and biking in the heat when you can be in the water” said Stacey Kairis, a physical education teacher.

Wakeboarding has become more popular over the years, and many competitive competitions like the World Wakeboard Association, take place all over the country. However, most people do wakeboarding as a hobby during the summer.

“I continued wakeboarding simply because, once you get the basics down, learning tricks is so satisfying,” said Nicolette Dorame, a junior who wakeboards.

The sport is similar in many ways to  snowboarding, but they are not exactly the same, the edging between the two are different. Things to take note when learning how to wakeboard: let the boat pull you up, put pressure on the heels of the foot, and lean back.

“For people who are learning, keeping your chest close to your knees is key for getting up, and the next hardest thing to learn is to not stand up to early,” said Dorame.

Another popular water sport is water skiing. Some tips from  USA Water Ski are  to keep knees bent at all times, let the boat pull the skis up, do not try and pull yourself up, and to have straight arms.

When practicing these sports it is important to try them out when the water is calm and not choppy. The ride is smoother, and for beginners it will not be as hard to get up when the water is calm.

Wakesurfing is another water sport that is gaining popularity. This way of surfing can be dangerous since the surfer is just a few feet away from the boat. But having an inboard boat can reduce the chance of injury. These types of boats have the propeller placed under the boat instead of an inboard or outboard or outboard boat which has the propeller exposed.

This style of surfing is similar to ocean surfing, considering that in both cases neither of the feet are strapped down. Once the surfer is up on their feet they eventually throw the rope that helped them get up on the boat or to a friend on the boat. They then keep their momentum by applying weight on their front foot.

“Wake surfing is much different than water skiing or wakeboarding because the board is shorter and the rope that is used to help pull yourself up is thicker,” said Sophia Hancock, a junior who does many watersports.

Something that does not take much technical skill is tubing. Tubing is a favorite among many kids and teenagers. The simple sport can be done with any tube that is towable. Some tubes are one person and some can hold up to four people or more.

“My favorite thing to do at the lake is to go tubing. It takes no skill, you just sit there and enjoy the wild ride,” said Hancock.

The hot weather is coming soon, and water sports are a sure way to beat the heat.

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