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Batter up

Keelly Doran, Staff Writer

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Cactus Shadows varsity boys baseball is in division 4A and is ranked 35 in the state of Arizona. Overall for the season, they are 12-9.

“We just started our power point games so we’re done with tournaments, these are the games that count for the season,” said Adam Braude, a senior.

Braude has been playing for four years, and recently signed with Concordia State. He was awarded with both an academic and an athletic scholarship. So far this year he has played fifteen games. Last week, a grueling game against St. Mary’s left the Falcons with a win of 15-2. Braude made two home runs, stole one base and hit a ball at bat.

“I’ve played five positions so far this year, but normally I’m middle infielder and outfielder,” said Braude.

Middle infielder refers to second base and shortstop. Both positions require communication, speed and the ability to throw accurately. An outfielder is the position furthest from the batter, which generally means catching fly balls or throwing balls back to the infielders so they can tag a base.

“I play first base, which means someone catches a ground ball, throws it to me and than depending on the out, you either throw it in or to someone else,” said Tanner Knoop, a senior.

Practice is held at Cactus Shadows no less than several times a week. The varsity team consists of 23 players. This year they’re aiming to get to state championships. The last year Cactus Shadows won state for baseball is 2005-2006.

The school that is most widely considered their biggest rival is Sunrise Mountain. Four out of the last five years, the Falcons have been losing to them until recently. On March 10, Cactus Shadows won against Sunrise Mountain with a final score of 7-4.

One of the new additions is the newly constructed baseball field, which was funded through the $40 million bond approved by the district.

“I love the new stadium seating and press box, but Gianni has always done a great job of keeping the field clean,” said Braude.

When attending a game, fans and parents alike can enjoy newly renovated bleachers, along with an updated press box. The home side remained the same, unlike the football field, where the home side was switched.

According to, Cactus Shadows players both individually and as a team have higher rankings than the national average. The biggest improvement over national scores is the amount of home runs scored per game.

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The Voice of Cactus Shadows High School
Batter up