Tips for giving green a better chance

Easy things people can switch to doing to help the planet

Livia Lowe, science editor

In today’s plastic age, it is hard to avoid using anything made of plastics or otherwise harmful materials as mostly everything is created from them. Impossible to completely avoid, there are some things that can be done to lessen environmental harm.
Buying items second hand whether it be furniture, clothes, other household items can greatly reduce one’s carbon footprint.
Using bath products that come in bars is a huge way to reduce the plastic that ends up in garbage cans. The big, bulky bottles can easily be swapped for bar soap that will not only take up less room but also last longer.
Taking shorter showers, even if they are just by a few minutes, can save thousands of gallons of water which will also help reduce the water bill.
Glass containers reduce waste by being able to be reused and reused and people are more inclined to wash the glass containers in comparison to the flimsy plastic ones.
Using reusable produce and grocery bags can help save room under the sink but also, save mostly one time use bags from ending up on the side of the road and in the ocean.
Ultimately the majority of the greenhouse gasses and waste is caused by major corporations and it is up to them to cut down their emissions, but the most each and every person can do is enough to start the conversation about environmentalism.