ID card policy not effective

Owen Taylor, sports editor

ID cards, and wearing them around your neck have been an ongoing problem that just can’t be justified for many reasons.
Throughout my four years here, they have been trying to get students to wear their IDs around their neck.The effort has been particularly challenging post-Covid. Maybe it’s time to change the rule.
In a recent poll conducted by the CS Press, almost 80 percent of students say they do not wear their IDs. Despite increased efforts by teachers and administration, enforcing this policy is proving difficult.
One of the reasons for this is that many students don’t understand the policy. Just like when being asked by a cop or someone for your driver’s license, one would usually pull it out of their wallet or purse and then show it to the person.It should be enough to have students show their ID when asked, and not have to wear it.
Another problem that relates to why students don’t have their ID is because if they lose it, they don’t want to spend five dollars to get a new one. Students have used their friends ID for an ID check and the teacher doesn’t even check the picture, teachers just look if they have it around their neck. Also, numerous students say that they have used their IDs from last year or a friend’s ID, for an ID check.
Administration has said that the reason for wearing IDs is to protect us from strangers getting on campus. But all of the options described above are available for an intruder — they could wear a fake one and no one would immediately know.
Rather than enforcing wearing the IDs on a lanyard, the school should just make it a requirement that students must show their ID when asked by any teacher or administrator. This will be just as safe, and provide less stress for everyone involved.