ASU vs. UofA, which is the better university? (part 2- ASU)

Jaden Lea, tech editor

Arizona has a variety of colleges and universities, however the two most competitive colleges are ASU and U of A. It is commonly discussed which is a better college, and at the end of the day there are plenty of reasons showing that ASU is clearly the better University.
These universities have similar, yet different atmospheres which is very important when it comes to college campuses. ASU Has multiple locations, however the main location is in Tempe and referred to as a “city-style” campus. The campus is very clean, and the area outside the campus is nice as well, which is something that U of A lacks.
The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, and the campus is very nice, however outside of the campus is scrappy. Tucson is not a very safe location, and the second you step off the campus, it becomes clear how bad of an area Tucson really is.
ASU performs better in a majority of categories, including more majors to choose from (over 150 compared to just 109), lower tuition cost, higher percentage of graduating students, etc. What was once a notorious ‘party school’ has turned into a sophisticated place to attend college, however there is still plenty of fun to be had.
On top of the wide range of majors to choose from, one of the most notable majors is business and finance, as ASU has one of the top business schools in the nation, the P.W Carey School of Business.
No one wants to admit it, however fraternities and sororities can be a big factor in college university choices, and that is where U of A excels. U of A has a variety of fraternities and sororities amongst the campus, which even includes a street dedicated to frat houses. There are over 50 fraternities and sororities to choose from when it comes to U of A, and ASU only has 27.
This can be a determining factor for some, however ‘frat life’ and ‘sorority life’ doesn’t make a campus great. ASU still has plenty to choose from, and are amongst some of the best known frats and sororities.
When it comes to actual stability and accessibility of campus, ASU is the clear winner. With over 600 acres, they sweep away the small school of U of A that is only 392 acres. There are over 26 varsity teams at ASU, and are considered a NCAA Division 1 school. U of A is also a division one school, however they only have 18 varsity teams.
Different students can have different opinions on each campus, however ASU is clearly the better school in almost every category.