ASU vs. UofA, which is the better university? (part 1- U of A)

Jordan Kern, staff writer

The University of Arizona is an excellent option for students who want to stay in Arizona, but not live too far away from home.
The campus is located in the city of Tucson, with a college-like campus surrounding it. U of A also has a lot of areas around the campus and city where students can hike, which is very popular in Arizona, especially with the weather being a little bit cooler down south.
Tucson is around a two hour drive from Phoenix so it is not somewhere that is extremely far away from home for those who might get home sick. However, It is far enough away to where parents don’t have driving distance every day to bug their college attending kids.
The school has a lot to offer for students, including a top nationally ranked basketball program, a large Greek life, and a world-renowned medical school.
Many’s first thoughts about colleges to choose from is tuition. University Arizona tuition compared to Arizona State University comes out to around the same amount of money per year. In-state tuition at U of A is $12,716 per year compared to ASU which averages $11,338 per year.
U of A has an acceptacerate of 85.% rate. They require either an average SAT score between 1110-1360 or an average ACT score of 21-29. In addition, a 3.0 gpa will also allow one to be admitted into the school.
Greek life down at U of A is extremely popular and is one of the main reasons why most incoming students choose this over any other university. With over 10,000 students, the U of A Greek community comprises 35 percent of the undergraduate student body and is home to 68 social Greek-letter organizations.
Other benefits the location provides include the fact that many don’t think about how close it is to Mexico, which is a very popular spot for vacation. Popular places to hike such as Mount Lemmon and skiing are a must visit spot when down there.
The dorms and campus overall are extremely nice and makes students feel comfortable where they are. Each dorm provides sufficient space for roommates to live in as well as a decent sized bathroom. The campus itself is easy to maneuver and buildings are easy to point out and walk to.
The school is quite large with 45,601 students and a whopping 64% graduation rate. The University of Arizona is a great school because of all their academic benefits as well as a very fun and exciting campus to be a part of.