Tobey Maguire crowned as the best Spider-Man

Peyton Marinelli, spotlight editor

There are three actors who have taken on the role as Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. That being Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and the original Tobey Maguire, who is by far the best Spider-Man.
Maguire’s version of Spider-Man tells his story from beginning to end, Peter Parker before the spiderbite, and his journey of self discovery afterwards.
Maguire portrayed the best Peter Parker and Spider-Man for multiple reasons. Unlike Holland and Garfield’s versions, Maguire does not rely on his suit for his most important tool, the webs. When transformed into Spider-man, Maguire had the ability to shoot webs straight from his wrist, whereas the other two had to create their webs in a lab. In simpler terms, Holland and Garfield’s Spiderman would be less powerful without a suit on.
Maguires Spider-Man had a connection to everyone of his villains. First being Green Goblin who was his best friend’s father, Dr. Otto Octavious his science role model, and Harry Osborn his best friend. This adds more depth to his storyline and makes it more meaningful to see his friends turn to enemies.
Being the original, Maguire was able to pave the way for the Spider-Man films that came after. Many of the witty lines from Maguire are still being quoted today such as “I forgot the part where that’s my problem,” and “pizza time.”
When faced with the choice of either saving a bus full of people and Mary Jane, he managed to save both. This can be compared to Garfield’s Spider-Man where he wasn’t even able to save Gwen Stacey.
Despite the media’s attempt to portray Spider-Man as a villain, Maguire still had the city of New York on his side. They helped him defeat villains and overall respected Spider-Man and the work he did to protect the city.
With that said, Tobey Maguire did not only portray the best Peter Parker, but also the best friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.