Should college tuition be free? (part 1- PRO)

Jordan Kern, staff writer

The idea of free college in today’s society is something that is looked upon very carefully and definitely should be something to be considered. Everyone has their own paths to school and college is one thing that some students and families simply can’t afford which is why it should be free for everyone.
America is made of a very diverse type of society where everyone pursues different passions. Eliminating tuition for all students takes a huge load off their backs and could provide lots of opportunities to those who may not have had them previously. Of course, not everyone agrees with college being free for a variety of reasons.
In fact, more opportunities would be presented to everyone. By negating the large bill of a college education, we could see an increase in the number of students able to attend college. This creates a well-educated workforce and a population that has better critical thinking skills. If this were to happen, it could lead to innovation in all areas of society.
Free college doesn’t mean no money spent at all. The only thing free about the college would be the tuition being paid, which still is a lot of money. Housing, textbooks, food, classes, etc. still has to be paid for. In addition, one of the main pros of making college free is for those still paying off their student debt from however many years ago they attended school.
According to Ellen Anderson, author and writer for, without the weight of student loan debt, more college graduates might be able to purchase houses rather than renting apartments. On top of that, they may be able to buy cars and have enough money to travel more: In essence, they could contribute more to the economy. According to, a website that compares and contrasts popular topics in society, stated, “because the student loan debt has risen 130% since 2008, and public college costs have risen 213% between 1987 and 2017, students are coming out of college already buried under a mountain of debt before they have a chance to start their careers.”
Free college should be available as soon as possible because of the many benefits it gives to those who can’t afford it, to eliminate or help student debt, and to provide more opportunities for students.
Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, feels strongly about providing a free college education to American students. “It is insane and counter-productive to the best interests of our country and our future, that hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and that millions of others leave school with a mountain of debt that burdens them for decades. That shortsighted path to the future must end.” Sanders brings up a lot of points that should be considered if free college were to be an option one day.