Big tech censorship is here to stay

David Lane, news editor

With the influence social media has on the lives of many Americans, it is important to make sure that these large and easily accessible platforms are kept clean of any content that could potentially incite hate or violence.
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others, influence the lives of almost everyone on Earth in some way. Because of this, people can spread their messages over a wider range than ever before
Due to this massive influence, it is important that the owners of social media platforms recognize this and stop the spread of hateful messages and ones that condone or incite violence.
According to the Council of Foreign Relations, an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, they stated, “In the United States, perpetrators of recent white supremacist attacks have circulated among racist communities online, and also embraced social media to publicize their acts.”
Hate speech is not the only form of harmful messaging to come from an unfiltered social media feed. False and misleading information is also responsible for people believing lies made up to persuade people to believe a particular train of thought.
According to Pew Research Center, About two-in-three U.S. adults, (64%) say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events.
Ensuring posts containing false information are fact checked or even deleted would help curb the efficacy of misinformation’s ability to convince people to believe in lies.
Some people would argue that although the threats online might be hateful, and fake news may have negative impacts on those who read it, banning posts from the platform containing this kind of speech inhibits free speech from being shared, and therefore violates the rights of the user to speak freely.
The right to have a platform and the right to speak freely are not interchangeable. Social media is a platform, with much more reach and influence than simply spreading hate by word of mouth. It is important that companies recognize this and restrict giving hate a platform from which to spread across the internet.
Whether intentional or not, by giving hateful ideologies a platform to be publicized, these tech companies are causing these acts of terror to gain more support from radicals all over the world. By taking away a platform for these terrorists to use, hateful acts will be harder to coordinate and it will be harder for social media users to become influenced by radical and violent ideals.