Assemblies take away class time

Michael Kaegi, staff writer

The purpose of assemblies is to hype students up for big events and encourage school spirit, but many students do not and instead result in being bored and uninterested. Assemblies should not be required because it makes students who do not like them feel like they are wasting their time when they could be completing their schoolwork instead.

Compared to the cheerleaders and football players, the students in the stands end up observing instead of participating and adding to the energy of the assembly. Instead of going to them, some students would rather get their work done. The extra time can be taken to optimize and manage the amount of work they have in order to not stress as much.

With not having as many kids during the assemblies, all grades could fit on one side of the gym. Then everyone could see the performances instead of the sophomores and juniors having to look at only the backs of whoever is on the floor.

Teachers who also have to get work done could open their classrooms to students who would rather work than be in an assembly for an hour. It would help students to maximize their workload and stay ahead of their classes instead of having to participate in something that they are not interested in.

Requiring students to go to assemblies can also result in delinquent behavior due to students needing something to do to keep themselves entertained. During the school’s last pep rally, people were messing with the vines hanging from the ceiling, which could have fallen and destroyed the Student Council’s work. If students were not bored and instead had somewhere else to go, it could prevent any sort of bad behavior that may interrupt the assembly,

However, some of the teachers and administrators would rather everyone participate and show off their school spirit. They think that by having everyone there, it shows that the students really care about their school and want to support all the hard work put into the pep rally.

Even though everybody is at the pep rally, it does not mean that they will participate and show support. While it looks good to have everyone there to support, in the long run, it will lead to less enjoyment at the pep rallies overall, thus harming the reputation of the school.

While there are pros and cons to students not going to assemblies, it can greatly benefit the individual student rather than the student body as a whole. Overall, it can allow for more space in the gym, as well as cut down on bad behavior for the kids who aren’t interested and need something to do, as well as give a quiet environment for students who would rather get work done.