Ghosting Halloween on weekdays

Paul Wernes, Staff writer

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The Halloween and Costume Association launched a petition to change the date of Halloween to always be on a Saturday. Instead of completely changing the date of Halloween, creating a designated day for trick-or-treating the Saturday before Halloween would make it safer for kids who are trick-or-treating, as well as give people more time to celebrate and prepare for the holiday.

The petition has 75,000 signatures and counting. It has to get 100,000 signatures in the span of 30 days to be reviewed by We the People, an organization that will ensure the petition is brought to the attention of the White House and receives an official response.

The safety of the kids is the most important part of changing the date. A statistic from the nonprofit organization Safe Kids Worldwide states that twice as many kids are killed while walking on Halloween than any other day of the year. Halloween is a holiday meant for kids to have fun while trick-or-treating. Parents are constantly thinking about their kids’ safety, on Halloween especially. There are predators roaming the streets and cars speeding down the roads. If the whole day was able to be spent trick-or-treating, the younger children would not have to be out as late.

Most children have bedtimes, especially on weekdays. Having a day for celebrating on a Saturday will allow the kids to stay up later and not have to worry about school the next morning. The morning after Halloween, kids are always exhausted from trick or treating. This would give them time to rejuvenate energy and do homework over the weekend.

The purpose of celebrating on Saturday is to promote the holiday and to allow people to celebrate all day. There is more time to get ready for the holiday instead of rushing immediately after school or work.

Actually changing the date of Halloween is unrealistic. It is not considered a Federal holiday like Thanksgiving, therefore, even if the petition gains hundreds of thousands of signatures, the President can not actually do anything to change the date. Many parties are already on the weekend before Halloween, so everyone is celebrating on that day anyway. Adding trick-or-treating would not be much of a change.

Many people like to celebrate Halloween on October 31 because that is how it has been for years; however, it would make it much easier for everyone to celebrate on Saturday. This does not mean that people cannot celebrate on October 31 still. After school and work, families can stay in and carve pumpkins or watch Halloween movies. It would be less stressful for parents and take the pressure off of kids having to worry as much about homework. It would benefit the kids in the best ways possible. The kids are the ones who trick-or-treat and, moving the date would keep them safer.