Two lunches versus one

Jo Breese, creeker editor

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Two lunches are better than one, right? Wrong. Having two lunches seems like a great idea until it is realized. Even though there is an increase of students at the school this year, having one lunch is easier for teachers and students to communicate, and it also lets students get together for lunch.

Having one lunch allows teachers to hold lunch office hours for anyone to visit and get help on their work. If there were two lunches, then teachers could only hold lunch office hours during their lunch periods, which could be either the first lunch or second lunch. This would only allow students with the same lunch period to get help on their work, alienating students with different lunch periods who cannot come after school.

Clubs are able to meet during lunch, which would not be the case if there were two lunch blocks. Clubs could only meet after school or before school, which leaves out students who want to join clubs but cannot make it before school or stay after. They would have to either have one lunch meeting during each block or just none at all.

One lunch period also keeps friend groups together. Imagine having two lunch periods with students randomly assigned to each one. Students and their groups of friends would be separated into different lunch periods. This would likely cause a lot of students to switch back and forth from each period to try and sit with their friends.

Supporters of two lunch periods would point out that the reason we need two lunches is because of how overcrowded our lunchroom is now, with students sitting on floors to eat because they cannot get a table and lunch lines being extremely long. This can easily be fixed by adding more tables outside of the cafeteria and all around campus, along with adding more places to buy lunch around the campus, such as opening the snack bar in the gym and supplying it with food.

If you like going anywhere you want during lunch, thank the one block lunch we have now. If we switched to a two-block system, the campus would most likely be closed off for students and we would have to stay in the cafeteria during lunch so students in class aren’t distracted by students eating their lunches.