Closing earlier

Emma Weaver, staff writer

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The library now closes at 2:15 instead of 3:00 like previous years. Having the library no longer open after school causes difficulties among students. This problem needs to be resolved so students can regain their place to work on homework, group projects, or rent textbooks after school.

Students have obligations such as club meetings and office hours after school, so closing the library at 2:15 causes students to be late to those activities instead of giving them time to go after. Additionally, the campus is big and has many students. Getting across campus to the library after school can take at least five minutes in itself, leaving only five minutes for students to get what they need from the library.

If students wish to stay after school, they must stay in a teacher’s classroom during office hours. This puts a lot of pressure on the teachers because they not only have to help students who are struggling in their class but also give other students a place to stay after school. Additionally, there is the problem of office hours no longer being available on Monday due to teachers having mandatory meetings, which adds another uncertain factor when students should stay after school.

This situation does not just inconvenience the students but the security guards and the staff as well. Currently, students are scattered all over teachers’ classrooms and around the campus looking for somewhere to work. When the library was open later, security and staff at least knew where students were.

At present, the woman working in the library is not a certified librarian, so she is not getting a lunch break because she needs to stay open for lunch. Administration is working on a solution to this problem. They are either going to find someone who can stay for the last forty-five minutes of school or relieve the current librarian for lunch so she can keep the library open until 3:00.

There is a simple fix to the problem that the administration has yet to consider. One of the security guards on campus can easily watch over kids in the library during lunch or the forty-five minutes the librarian can not work. It is not difficult to watch students quietly work on their homework or projects.