Women should be required to register for draft

Avianna Hoppes, sports editor

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In February of 2019, a federal judge in Houston ruled that the exclusion of women from the Selective Service Act  is unconstitutional. This sparked a debate on whether or not women should be drafted into the military. The answer: it is long overdue.

This is not just a military argument, but also an argument for women’s rights. Women across the country have understandably argued for equal rights, but now that they might have to register for the draft, they do not want them. The real problem is that so called “feminists” are claiming that it is unfair to draft women just because they do not want to be drafted themselves (nevermind the fact that no man wants to be drafted either), but in reality actual feminists should not have a problem with it if they truly believe in gender equality. Women should not be allowed to pick and choose when they want equal rights for when it suits them. If we want to be seen as equals to men, then we must act like it.

Since the Department of Defense abolished all restrictions on women serving in certain positions in the military (such as combat positions) in 2013, support for drafting women has been growing. Several presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Obama have tried to expand the draft to include women, explaining how the idea is on the basis of equality and would prove more beneficial to the military, but both times Congress has shut it down.

When the Selective Service Act was first implemented in 1917 women were excluded because they were deemed to be more beneficial to thecountry by working at home thanbeing on the battlefield, but times have changed. With the disappearing of traditional roles, that logic worked fine for 1917, but it does not work anymore. Nowadays, where any man or women is most beneficial to this country in a time of war depends on each individual’s circumstance, not their gender.  

Some argue that women should not be drafted because they are not as well suited for combat as men, but anyone can learn to use a machine gun or drive a tank as long they have the proper training. A person’s gender does not matter when shooting at someone from 100 yards away. A bomb explosion will not kill one person over another because they are a boy or a girl. Many women are currently serving in combat and do not face difficulty because of their gender.

Despite the fact that women should be required to register for the military draft, there should still be exceptions such as pregnant women and single mothers, just as there are exceptions for men.