Should schools require uniforms? – Pro

Karli Kinsey, staff writer

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For students, school uniforms are a primary topic when it comes to the difference between private and public schools. Some of the biggest complaints have been that they will not be able to express themselves or show off their own styles when wearing a uniform. Fortunately, there are ways that students can get around this, and still show off their uniqueness when it comes to a required school uniform. After all, self image is a big deal when it comes to high school. Self image eats away teenagers esteems, so what better way to fix that than to require uniforms. Especially since nobody can compare themselves to one another if they are dressed the same.

Typically, a school uniform consists of a collared shirt and skirt for females, and a collared shirt and shorts, or pants for males. The color choices seem to be white shirts with navy blue, or khaki bottoms. Although it may sound like a “bland” outfit choice, there are actually many ways to approach, and customize the look, so students do not feel or look like a “drab.” Students are almost always given the option to accessorize with jewelry, shoes, hairstyles, and glasses. With that being said, they are able to personalize their look and still be a fashion statement in those mandatory school uniforms.

Students already have so many pressures in their daily life: schoolwork, homework, social challenges and contemplating their futures. The last thing they should stress about is what outfit they should wear the next day at school. Studying for a physics exam until 11:00pm and then realizing they have nothing to wear the next day is a real pain. Modern day social pressures can be cruel and are very real. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted by their peers, and a lot of this has to do with the clothing one wears. This is an unnecessary stressor that can be avoided with school uniforms. When everyone is wearing the same base outfit, it stops the opportunity for jealousy, bullying, and other unkind behaviors.  

A popular outfit from Urban Outfitters may cost at least $100, whereas a full school uniform can cost less than $50, and can be worn over and over again. The one Urban outfit can only be worn once a month or so, face the sake of being judged for re-wearing it.  What happens if students do not have the finances to shop at Urban Outfitters, and instead shop at thrift stores. That gives the “haters” something to focus on, and make fun of.

Wearing school uniforms will bring equality back into public schools. Students should be focused on school work and not on their attire and what people think of them. High schools have somehow turned into a materialistic, popularity contest. Students save money, and sanity with school uniforms. The benefits only continue to impress people, so it is only a matter of time until uniforms are taken into action.