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Marijuana – Pro

Connor Green, staff writer

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With today’s opioid epidemic spreading to the youth, and leaving some addicted for life, it leaves many wondering what other options there are. A growing opinion is the idea of medical marijuana to treat minor to terminal illnesses. Opioid abuse in the U.S. is accounting for nearly 50,000 deaths a year, an alternative needs to not just be found, but found fast. The more time that passes, the more serious the problem becomes. Legalizing marijuana is a good option to help people recover from ailments.

Medical marijuana is already in action in many states, and a federal law for legalization would easily follow the systems the medical facilities use. Grow farms are already in affect, transportation laws are set up, and more and more people want to get into the industry. With the growing market comes growing profit, leading to a growing economy.

In Colorado, marijuana sales have led to over $250 million in taxes in 2017 alone. While marijuana legalization can be seen as a danger to kids, many do not realize how much of that tax money could go to funding public schools and after school activities. Kids are going to get into drugs if they want to, it is as simple as that, and while legalization may make it easier to get, at least it will not be laced. “I think schools would benefit, if they put the tax money to education,” said Angie Braude, the P.R.I.D.E. Director.

Legalizing marijuana will lead to more than just health benefits and tax money, legalization opens a whole new market of marijuana based cosmetics, clothing, paper, and so much more. With hemp paper trees will not need to be cut a often, and the price of paper can go down tremendously. It can also be used in face creams, tonics, essential oils, and many forms of beauty cosmetics, as well as everyday care for your body. Before marijuana was made illegal, hemp was used in a variety of ways all throughout history, these no doubt there would be modern uses as well.

The economy would benefit from more than just tax money, the industries growth would provide millions of jobs for people nationwide. Dispensaries need a budtender, security, people who package the supply, and so many more just to have a small business. Some dispensaries in legal states have already started on delivery, opening a plethora of even more jobs.

Another thing that could be solved partially by the legalization of marijuana, the illegal side of it. With legalization consumers would turn to the safer, stronger, and possibly cheaper alternative at the dispensary over their local weed man. Legalizing  marijuana,profit for major suppliers would drop, leaving only undarrage teens buying from their dealer, who probably is selling marijuana from the dispensary up the street, not some random guys moldy basement. While kids should not use marijuana until the age of 21 when their brain has developed enough to make their own smart choices, it would be safer to have them using the same stuff as their parents.


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