EVIT versus elective

Max Sotelo, podcast editor

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With 69 percent of voters living within the Cave Creek Unified School District boundaries deciding to pass the career and technical education program, students have another choice to make when choosing their classes. Cactus Shadows students now have access to programs and courses at the East Valley Institute of Technology, better known as EVIT, which is a vocational school that offers countless courses including audio production—which includes their own fully functioning radio station, a variety of cosmetic art classes, nursing, EMT, and even aviation. These undoubtedly cannot hold a candle to electives offered at Cactus Shadows; unfortunately, the EVIT courses are not actually worth the numerous sacrifices that would be need to be made to be able to take their programs.

One disadvantage of attending classes at the technical education school, is that students who take EVIT courses will simply have less time to do other things. They will essentially be full day students plus two hours that include zero hour, and the hour return trip from the campus means students would be returning to Cave Creek at around three o’clock, consequently leaving them less time to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports.

The most off-putting disadvantage of them all would be that students attending EVIT classes will only be able to attend the afternoon sessions of their classes, which does not sound too bad, until considering that students attending classes at EVIT must account for the commute to the campus. This means that taking a dreaded zero hour class is necessary to be able to leave Cactus Shadows during third period, in order to arrive on their campus in Mesa on time.

This raises the problem of transportation to the campus in Mesa. There exists a closer alternative campus at Fountain Hills High School, but courses offered are more limited than at the much larger Mesa campus. Still, the Fountain Hills campus is 29 miles away, while the one in Mesa is 36. The district is offering to bus people to and from the campuses, but also allow people to commute in their own vehicles.

As students pick their classes for next year, many have noticed a sheet with some courses offered at EVIT. This is not the full selection of courses offered at EVIT, contrary to belief.

In conclusion, being able to take hands-on courses that satisfy passions at an acclaimed school sounds like a great opportunity for Cave Creek students, which it is, however, the program’s issues seem to only come back to the distance of the campuses from Cave Creek. There have been talks of converting abandoned Desert Arroyo Middle School to an even closer “branch” EVIT campus for Cave Creek students, however, nothing has been recently done to do this.


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