Should celebrities be involved in politics? Pro

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Should celebrities be involved in politics? Pro

Grace Carey, style editor

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In recent years, celebrities have been seemingly more active in politics than ever.  From all corners of the world, they have been voicing their political beliefs, through various manners.  This has raised some concern with everyday men and women.

The words “celebrity” and “famous” go hand in hand, to some it would be a dream come true to have there words uttered about them, to others, it would be a nightmare. With social media being so prevalent in today’s society, there is bound to be some controversy about who should be saying or posting what.

There is an argument that those with a larger platform than the average person, should be keeping their mouths shut about which candidate they believe would best suit the whole.  While this is a valid argument, many disagree with this for a number of reasons.

Asking someone who has built an empire for themself to simply fly under the radar when it comes to politics is absurd. No matter what kind of net worth or following they have, they still deserve to speak their mind openly and freely, without fear of the backlash that they are currently receiving.

When someone is asking about another person, they would most likely expect to hear some adjectives describing them possibly, funny, nice, kind, or even mean. Although, when someone is famous, that is often all they are: just famous. 

The word famous is so overused, that at a certain point, it is almost pathetic to hear. Just because someone is considered famous, does not mean that they have any more or less value than any of us. They are just like us, normal people.

The First Amendment is arguably one of the more important amendments. It consists of five basic freedoms, giving to those in the United States. The amendment states that congress may not punish people for freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, or petitioning the government. The ratification of this amendment gave way for everyday people to express their opinions, without fear of prosecution; therefore, a celebrity should not need to hide his or her beliefs.

People deserve to voice their opinions, especially in the United States, even unpopular ones need to be heard. It is understandable why people agree with the argument which states that celebrities and politics should be separated, however, the other side of the argument needs to be voiced as well.

No matter how “famous” someone is, they are still a person. Their platform does allow them to reach a greater variety of people in a quicker time, but they should still be able to have a voice in something other than their favorite brands and who should and who should not win an oscar.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Jay Z, Katy Perry, and Alec Baldwin could be described as Democrats. Dwayne Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Adam Sandler, and Tom Brady, on the other hand, could be described as Republicans.  There are even some celebrities that straddle the fence, like Taylor Swift.

Because of this wide variety of influencers, there is bound to be some disagreement on who the “right” candidate is. Most of these celebrities are acquaintances or even friends. Just because their friend posts something about their endorsement of a Democratic candidate, does not mean that they will text them with a laundry list of reasons that they are in the wrong. 

The bottom line is quite simple, it is important to hear opinions from all sides of the equation.  For this years Mid-Term elections, if 50 percent of people eligible for voting in the United States voted, it would be the highest turnout in history.

Celebrities, no matter how well known and influential they are, deserve a voice in political matters. They are just ordinary people, trying to do what they believe is right.

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