Should celebrities be involved in politics? Con

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Should celebrities be involved in politics? Con

Makenna French, staff writer

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With the big platforms celebrities have, they have started a lot of controversy in politics. Celebrities are very influential, especially when it comes to social media, any young fan of said actor, singer, or influencer would most likely follow their icons and what they believe in. 

All it takes is just one Tweet or Instagram post to cause a whole big uproar. People are constantly re-posting things celebrities say on a daily basis. While everyone has the right to their first amendment right to say whatever they believe, sometimes there is not always a right time to enforce it that strongly. If people want to learn about any political or maybe even a legal issue, there are plenty of experts to learn from. 

Instead of choosing to search for information sources that may be helpful in learning about a situation, people are always most likely to choose something that is more entertaining. Which is why there is so much turn towards celebrities. That is their job, to entertain people. That is why all of the Twitter arguments and threads are so common to read in a political situation. Everyone knows them and everyone cares about what they are going to say because celebrities are “always right” on the internet. Everything they do is perfect in their fans’ eyes.

An example being Kanye West, when he got bashed for supporting and loving the President. It was all over Twitter. People unfollowed him and were mentioning him for weeks. People cared so much because it was Kanye West posting about it.

Everything everyone does turns into something political nowadays and most do not even have a real understanding of the problems being faced. Politics are everywhere, social media, sports, and it is now a large part of everyday life.

It is hard for people to go to a sporting event because everything is so political. Not everyone wants to see a celebrities political views, and not everyone cares about them either. It has turned into almost an everyday thing. There is always drama somewhere about what a certain person said and how it is such a big deal. People want to see good stories, get away from the real world for just a little bit and not have opinions forced on them. 

Another example is when Nike started a campaign with Colin Kaepernick and made him the face of their advertisement, it got very controversial very quickly. People were furious. They started burning their Nike items and posting it online. They were talking about how disrespectful it was to the flag. All because one football player kneeled during the national anthem at a football game. Others followed him and started kneeling as well. Just because he did what he believed in, he got negative feedback from people everywhere. Using their platform is not beneficial because no matter how they explain themselves there will always be people who disagree.

For similar reasons, why would you ask a celebrities advice on vaccinations when you could ask a doctor, someone who actually studied and practices medicine. 

Celebrities getting political is not always beneficial for them, so why do they continue to do it? Maybe for publicity or maybe they actually think they could make a difference in certain situations. However, when it really comes down to it, it does not matter how rich they are, or how big and popular they may be on social media, their vote is the same as everyone else’s vote.

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