Religion and science in class should not mix

The debate to change school standards has been underway for a long time, and it will determine the future of what students will learn in the classroom

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Religion in the classroom has been a topic debated since our nation was founded, with Thomas Jefferson writing that we must build a wall between Church and State. The debate continues to rage in the media and even within schools themselves. 

A prime example of how people want more religious influence in classrooms is the theory of evolution and creationism. However, including religion in classrooms would have an overall more negative effect on students.

Religion has been the cause of countless problems around the world. Religious discrimination exists even in America with how many public figures seem to say things to demean Muslims. It has even started wars, like with what is happening with the Israelis and Palestinians. The religious conflict between them has led to a war with thousands of people dying.

Now, school would hopefully not elevate to where someone is killed in a religious action, but religious discrimination is something I have seen even on campus. Kids are constantly being harassed because of their religion if it is made public.

Religious practices in the classroom would force everyone to be more open about their religion, which is a good thing, no one should be afraid to share their religion. Although, having everyone be more public with their religious affiliations, could open the door to harassment because of their faith.

Around campus, I hear people constantly being targeted because of their beliefs. Having a system where people are now forced to tell everyone their religion could only make the problem pronounced. While the obvious argument to this would be “No one would ever do that,” just listen to how students talk to each other around campus.

Teenagers are rough, especially on each other at school. People may even be insulting another person in a joking matter, but that person they are insulting does not take it like that. 

While comprehension of religion is important to education, as even the American Civil Liberties Union conceded that a proper education is impossible without understanding the role that religion has played in shaping society, it still does not have a full implementation of religion in the curriculum.

For example, in a world history class, a person will learn about different civilizations, and their respective religious beliefs. Understanding the thought process that goes with that religion is key to understanding why certain civilizations like the Aztecs were prone to war. It was part of their religion.

Having a good understanding of religion, especially in how it helped to shape America into what it is today. However, classrooms are for education and learning, not preaching. Linda K. Wertheimer wrote an article for NBC describing how having a religiously influenced school was at best awkward, and at worst, it could have caused serious backlash.

“My parents and I did nothing, though we knew the school was violating the Constitution’s Establishment Clause prohibiting the promotion of one religion. We were afraid of backlash; we were the only Jewish family in the school system,” said Wertheimer.

Classrooms should never be a place that students feel they will be looked down on or discriminated against because of their religious views. Religion being kept separate from the classroom is a requirement to keep a safe and healthy learning environment.

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