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Drugs and alcohol, Finland vs. United States

Tyyra Vahajylkka, staff writer

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Every country, including Finland and US have people who have alcohol and drug problems. Both alcohol and drugs can kill even on the first try, if taken too strong or too much.

The use of alcohol has increased greatly in Finland. Age limit for alcohol is 18. In 2008, the alcohol consumption of alcoholic beverages increased to 100 percent alcohol converted to 8.5 liters per capita. The number is five times higher than in the late 1950s. Women’s share of total alcohol consumption has increased too.

More than seven percent of the American population aged 18 and up have a drinking problem; this is nearly 13.8 million Americans, and 8.1 million of them are alcoholic. In US the drinking age limit is 21. Based on these numbers, it is clear that alcoholism and alcohol abuse are serious problems that affect many people.

In Finland, in general, illicit drug use is more common among males than females. Amphetamines and MDMA/ecstasy are the most common illicit stimulants used by the general population, and their use is mainly concentrated among those aged 25-34 years.

Nearly 21 million Americans ages 12 and older had a substance use problem in 2015, according to a new federal estimate. 1 in 3 people with a substance use disorder had a disorder related to drug use, and 1 in 8 people had a disorder involving both drugs and alcohol.

Drugs have many things that may harm you, for example, cocaine use can cause holes in the nasal cartilage, lung damage, ulcers, kidney failure and heart attacks. Some drugs cause anxiety, irritability or even paranoia. From drugs only heroin, crack and methamphetamine are more harmful to use than alcohol.

Using alcohol can cause damage to the liver and pancreas, ulcers, diabetes and heart problems. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may even be life-threatening. Both alcohol and drugs contain symptoms and if heavy user tries to withdrawal from alcohol, withdrawal include shakiness, nausea, hallucinations and seizures.

I think that both alcohol and drugs are very dangerous and can kill you. I am not sure which one is worse, Americans huge use of drugs or Finnland’s alcohol consumption, because both are dangerous and cause many harms to your brains and body.

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Drugs and alcohol, Finland vs. United States