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Gun Control

Brendan Donaldson, Staff

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With the recent school shooting in Florida there were many survivors that are urging for better gun laws or to ban guns overall.

The movement, while I am sure their hearts and minds are in the right place, I feel is flawed. The NRA (National Rifle Association) is under fire currently because people feel that they are not doing enough to be sure that the people they are selling guns to are stable. I feel that if the NRA  were to do more to make sure they are selling guns to mentally stable individuals there would be much less of these issues.

The rifle known as AR-15 is under fire as well because it was the type of rifle used in the school shooting in Florida. When the majority of people think that AR in AR-15 means “Assault Rifle”, this is a extremely incorrect assumption, it actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle and it is after the company that developed it in the 1950’s.

Restricting guns further will make them more difficult to obtain for both people that plan to do others harm and people who merely enjoy shooting targets or those who want one for their own protection. If guns are completely banned and someone plans to do someone else harm with a firearm then they will find a way to obtain that firearm. I feel people forget that there is a black market and many ways to get illegal items into your possession. (Which we recommend in no way whatsoever).

There should be more background checks and further investigation into someone before they are allowed to buy and own a firearm, such as medical history, criminal record, and others. Guns are a huge part of America and its freedom therefore it is very unlikely that guns will be entirely banned, there more than likely will be added restrictions though.

Gun shows can sometimes be too easy to trade firearms. I have witnessed a couple of gun trades between individuals that did not appear to ask for any sort of proof of age or identification and there was absolutely no background check on the individual buying the weapon. There should be more caution used when individuals wish to buy weapons.

Weapons are both good and bad things that people either want or do not, I am for owning, using firearms for self defence, hunting, or competition in some cases, but there will be more precautions added before individuals wish to buy firearms which will be started to protect more Americans.

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