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Con: Modern Feminsim

Lauren Haggar, News Editor

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Feminism, a term used by many, but understood by little. Feminists march through streets and cheer vulgar sayings, all in the name of supporting women and their rights. However, if you are a pro-life woman, count yourself out; overzealous feminists will deem you unfit. Likewise, utter the word Trump, and you are automatically unworthy of speaking your mind.

Feminists act under a platform of respecting women, their rights and pretty much everything in between, but all of that is a lie. Modern day feminists have created an
exclusionary culture, filled with hate instead of love and support. Truly, today’s feminists are some of the most discriminatory our nation has ever seen.

Let’s rewind a bit, and head back to January 21, one day after the inauguration of President Trump. Women took to the streets in cities all around the country, yelling indecent phrases, threatening the President, and most of all making a mockery out of women. Some of the phrases so tasteless, they would be inappropriate to print in a publication. For those women who support Trump, this display was alienating, to say the least.

Feminists, instead of focusing on legitimate issues such as women’s rights in the Middle East, spend too much time focusing on President Trump. Besides the fact that Trump indeed won against a woman in the election, and is pro-life, the topic and the true definition of feminism has nothing to do with him. Speaking of pro-life, for a feminist movement to be truly feminist, there should be a place for pro-life women at the table.

Another issue that taints the current feminist movement is their seemingly blanket hatred of men. As much as the modern day feminists strive for women’s rights and “equality,” they often choose to attack men, and describe them all as privileged beings who take advantage of women, get paid more, and who believe that they are the superior sex. This stereotype is where feminists not only lose respect from men, but it’s also where they lose half of the population’s support for the movement.

To clarify, nothing is wrong with spreading a message that you feel strongly about, but where it does turn wrong is when a group about empowering all women only in fact empowers some. Instead of just Democrats or pro-choice supporters, they should be reaching across the divide and including those of all backgrounds and beliefs, because the
definition of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

The modern feminist movement feels that women must protect all choices regarding women, and claim they are working to be more inclusionary. Truly, they are not succeeding at this goal.

Yes, feminism should be about supporting women’s rights, but it should be done with taste, and elegance, something that we would want our children to witness. It should be inclusive of all women and full of love and support, and it should have nothing to do with politics and or beliefs. The only qualification you should need to be a feminist, is to be a woman.

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Con: Modern Feminsim