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Catcalling is Not Okay

Hailey Johnson, Staff Writer

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Catcalling is generally when a male makes an uncalled for comment on a female’s appearance. Catcalling is a highly debated topic because people who catcall believe that is just a compliment, but the people affected by it can take it as their body being sexualized and getting unwanted sexual attention.

Our society accepts catcalling as something normal. That a way to stop it is teach young girls that it is better to cover up and not distract guys. What we should be teaching boys is that they should learn to control themselves. A thirteen year old girl does not want a 40 year old man yelling something sexual about her body from across the street. It is mostly never taken as a compliment. It is considered sexual harassment.

The world needs to understand that this is not okay in any sense. There are many different solutions to stop sexualizing women and girls. The society we live in brushes this off by saying men can not control themselves or that a woman was asking for it. First of all, if a girl is wearing short shorts and a tight, low cut crop top she is not asking for it. She is not asking for any sexual attention most of the time. Most of the time she is just comfortable with what she is wearing.

Another way would be to teach boys from a young age that women are not objects. Starting with elementary school, boys are taught that their education is more important. If a young girl is wearing something the school deems inappropriate, then the girl is forced to go up to the office and change because she is distracting the young boys in the class. This makes the girl take time from her class and her own learning, so the boys in her class can learn properly. This needs to stop. It just keeps girls from believing their education is as important as a boy’s. It shows her that she should be ashamed of her body, which will eventually lead to the boys in the class to feel they are so important that they can comment on a women’s appearance in a sexual way.

It all needs to stop. Most women will not take catcalling as a compliment. Our society needs to start recognizing that it is a problem.



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Catcalling is Not Okay