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Big Sean’s “I Decided” – Opinion –

Brendan, Staff

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Big sean has decided.

Big Sean’s Hip Hop album I Decided was released on February 3, 2017 by GOOD music and Def Jam records. On the album he has twelve tracks that are based around the idea of Big Sean talking to his current self in the future and when his older self knows what he should’ve done or acted.

Each track has a unique idea and motive behind it. On the 11th track on the album Sunday Morning Jetpack, Sean said that he wrote this song for his family and it seems like he wrote it to reminisce with old memories with his family.

Bounce Back is about rising up after life knocks you down and tries to keep you down, and finding a way to stay up when life tries and tries again. Each song on the album is relatable to a majority of the listeners.

Every song in the album has a different approach on the topics he covers.

On No Favors Sean and Eminem work together to tell the world that Big Sean needs no favors from anyone. He wants to tell the world that if he is gonna make it and get big he is going to do it himself with no help from anyone else. It is weird that the artist had Eminem join him on the track but it made the song the longest song on the album being five minutes and twenty-five seconds long.

Each song has its own special and unique melody and flow. Big Sean made a one of a kind album and it took the digital world by storm.

Although some individuals believe that Big Sean isn’t a good artist there and millions of fans that say otherwise. He is currently working on his next project and the expectations are very high for it. Each album he releases his fan base continues to grow.

This album is the type that you can listen to at anytime or when you are in any mood. At this point in the game Big Sean knows how to make the best songs he can that people will enjoy and listen to on repeat.

The album is overall very well constructed. The album covered topics that can touch you right in your feels. I rate it 8 out of 10 because the rhymes, beat, and the flow of each song was very professional and sophisticated.

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Big Sean’s “I Decided” – Opinion –